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Dark Space Death in the Age of Steam Strange Flight
Dark Space
Our Price: $14.95
Death in the Age of Steam
Our Price: $14.95
Strange Flight
Our Price: $14.95
Remarkable new science fiction collection exploring how future worlds mesh and clash with heroes and heroines with disabilities from a deaf-blind space ship captain to an autistic child being raised by artificial life forms. Come explore alternate universes with us!
Paperback available on this website for $14.95. All e-formats available at Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99!
If you thought steampunk was just glued-on gears and fake British accents, you will never be so happy to be proven wrong. In these pages, we're bringing you the untold stories of steampunk, the Weird West, and beyond. You'll find clockwork governesses with subversive attitudes, dominatrix detectives and vampire sleuths. You'll encounter heroic Rabbis, dentists who take a bite out of crime, a ruthless corporation out to steal the sun--and the one man standing in its way. But most of all you'll find a fist full of stories and unique, exciting heroes waiting to tell them. Welcome.

Paperbacks available through this site for $14.95. E-books $2.99 through Amazon.
When you get to the very end of the line-- the end of freedom, of life support systems, of the world as we know it-- how do you cheat fate and keep going? What mysterious portals might open onto new dimensions, what previously invisible corners be turned, what fantastical opportunities appear? How do disabilities open doors? Secure your space helmet, buckle up, and meet the protagonists of Elm Books’ second science fiction anthology, Strange Flight.

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