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Dark Space Strange Flight Finding the Daydreamer
Dark Space
Our Price: $14.95
Strange Flight
Our Price: $14.95
Finding the Daydreamer
Our Price: $14.95
Remarkable new science fiction collection exploring how future worlds mesh and clash with heroes and heroines with disabilities from a deaf-blind space ship captain to an autistic child being raised by artificial life forms. Come explore alternate universes with us!
Paperbacks on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.95. All e-formats available at Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99!
When you get to the very end of the line-- the end of freedom, of life support systems, of the world as we know it-- how do you cheat fate and keep going? What mysterious portals might open onto new dimensions, what previously invisible corners be turned, what fantastical opportunities appear? How do disabilities open doors? Secure your space helmet, buckle up, and meet the protagonists of Elm Books’ second science fiction anthology, Strange Flight.

Paperbacks on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.95. E-book also available through Amazon.

Join Elm Books for Estella Kuchta's stark and stunning depiction of an escape through the Canadian wilderness.

When daydream meets intuition, a young ranch wife's life turns upside down. Fleeing a dangerous husband, she steals away with her young daughter on a wild and unexpected adventure through Depression-era cowboy country in central British Columbia. All the while, she longs to reunite with the cowboy who compels her heart. One escape leads to another as she encounters wild animals, stunning landscapes, suspect businessmen, hunger, abandonment, loneliness, and love. She has nothing to guide her but a strange inner impulse that seems to know the way--if only she can trust it.

"At dawn, the blue spark of Venus pierced the horizon. If I were still at the ranch, I'd be sifting through the stove, hoping to find one red ember so I could start the day's fire. Instead, I stared up at the dented-tin sky and let myself dream about a cowboy. The one who was the only ember in all the ash I'd made of my life."

This book is available through Amazon and Smashwords.

Praise for Finding the Daydreamer

With grace and poetic insight, Finding the Daydreamer explores the power of imagination and the prescience of the heart. It is a page turner, a love story, a profoundly affecting book."
-Donna Kane, author of Summer of the Horse
Figures on a Beach, 2nd Ed Duchess of the Shallows
Duchess of the Shallows
Our Price: $14.95
2nd Edition of Kirk VanDyke's haunting novel of schizophrenia, discovery, and making do on a Texas beach.

Paperbacks on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.95. E-book $0.99 at Amazon, and free at Smashwords.

The first book in Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto's brilliant Grey City fantasy series.

In the fog-shrouded streets of Rodaas, a game is played. From the mansions of the Garden to the slums of the Shallows, favors and secrets, lives and deaths are bartered and bet upon in a contest that has lasted for centuries.

Of the many players, none surpass the legendary society of thieves, spies and rumormongers known as the Grey.

To uncover the secrets of her own past, the bread girl known as Duchess will dare a daunting initiation and in doing so discover that, in Rodaas, the most dangerous game is one even the Grey does not play...

"The story pulls in the reader from the first sentence and doesn't let go...a fresh, compelling twist on fantasy."

Kirkus Reviews

Paperbacks on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $14.95.