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Press Release 14/1, July 12, 2014

Contact: Leila Monaghan, Publisher Elm Books

Leila.ElmBooks@gmail.com (best for messages) 1175 Hwy 130

610-529-0460 Laramie, WY 82070


Elm Books is a small, innovative publisher founded in November 2012. We are based in beautiful Laramie, Wyoming but our writers hail from all over the United States. We specialize in mystery and romance short story collections and are also moving into new genres including children's books (Gen-E Books) and modern realistic novels (Grit Lit). We are committed to providing beautifully written exciting short fiction to diverse audiences.

Our current books include three mystery collections edited by Jess Faraday, Death on a Cold Night, Death and the Detective, and Undeath and the Detective. Jess Faraday is the nationally known author of the Ira Adler mysteries from Bold Strokes (The Affair of the Porcelain Dog and Turnbull House) as well as the steam punk thriller, The Left Hand of Justice. Her love of action and keen eye for good prose are evident in all the books she has edited with Elm Books.

Death on a Cold Night presents a slew of winter tales from the cozy story of a theft of tea pots to ripped-from-the-headlines crime stories. We have dead bodies on glamorous Hollywood sets and in back woods Wyoming, and even a vampire or two to entertain you. Our heroes and heroines are as diverse as America--old, young, and from every background and walk of life. Authors include Leonhard August, Emily Baird, Cris de Borja, Mark Hague, Christalea McMullin, Lee Mullins, Kirk VanDyke, and Wendy Worthington who hail from Southern California to Philadelphia.

Death and the Detective brings together eleven sleuths from the pens of Leonhard August, Sarah M. Chen, H. Tucker Cobey, Jess Faraday, Mark Hague, Robert D. Hughes, Gay Toltl Kinman, Carol Leininger, Michael Mallory, Lee Mullins and Devin Wood. Our diverse detectives include a few private investigators, some cops, some ex-cops, an insurance adjuster, and a pair of formidable Shadow Wolves--Native American trackers who work with Homeland Security. The stories are set from San Francisco to Massachusetts and all points in between and feature a dead pig, dead lovers (gay and straight), a dead shoe salesman, lots of arson and even a touch of romance.

Our collection Undeath and the Detective reflects the supernatural side of mysteries and tackles burning questions such as "Why would a vampire hire a vampire hunter to solve the murder of a fellow bloodsucker?", "If a werewolf is attacked in animal form, is it assault or animal abuse?", and "Is it murder if the victim is already dead?" The stories from Helen Angove, Leonhard August, Emily Baird, H. Tucker Cobey, Charlie Cochrane, Lynn Finger, Mark Hague, Gay Toltl Kinman, and Angelia Sparrow take us from 19th century frigate to the far reaches of time and space.

In addition to our mystery series, M.M. Ardagna and Jess Faraday have edited a magical collection of fantasy romance tales, Fae Love, and we also distribute Kirk VanDyke's gritty tale of getting by with schizophrenia, Figures on a Beach, and his stark beautiful collection of poems, hatred of one's fascination of an idea of wilderness. Comments or questions welcome--we love to interact with our audiences.