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Elm Books was founded in November 2012 and is based in beautiful Laramie, Wyoming.

We are a small, independent publisher and distributor that emphasizes the important role of editors in the publishing process. Our work includes mysteries, romance, science fiction, disability literature, and scholarly publications in history and anthropology. We have also recently launched Gen-E, our exciting new multicultural children's books line (Grades 2-8).

We now have national distribution in the United States through the far reaching Ingram's Distribution Network, and have also sold books in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Jess Faraday, Leonie Skye, Mary Ardagna, Lily Callahan, and I are delighted to bring you the best in new short mysteries, romances, and science fiction.

Leila Monaghan

Elm Books Publisher

Leila.ElmBooks (at) gmail.com

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