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hatred of one's fascination with an idea of wilderness Figures on the Beach PB Figures on a Beach
Figures on the Beach PB
Our Price: $10.00
Figures on a Beach
Our Price: $14.95
Kirk VanDyke's stark and lyrical poems on life, death, nature and urbanization, 74pp. Paperback Only.

It is always
greatest strengths
that are our fastest means of defeat.
SALE! First edition of Kirk VanDyke's semi-autobiographical novel of the life of John Jones gives a vivid illustration of the impact of schizophrenia. Paperback only.
2nd Edition of Kirk VanDyke's haunting novel of schizophrenia, discovery, and making do on a Texas beach.

Paperback is $14.95 through this website. E-book $0.99 at Amazon, and FREE at Smashwords.