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Elm Books is looking for short story submissions for our next Science Fiction & Fantasy collection. We are interested in short stories (no more than 15,000 words) featuring heroic PROTAGONISTS WITH DISABILITIES (broadly defined) and that fall within ANY SCIENCE FICTION or FANTASY SUB GENRE. Stories may be soft or hard science fiction, fantasy, or slipstream. We are particularly interested in anthropological, feminist, and speculative work that will keep us turning pages in the wee hours. Last time, we received a number of submissions that were quite dark in tone. We are VERY interested, this time, in light and humorous stories. Odd is also always good.

Deadline: January 1, 2018

Gen-E Books: Diverse Children’s Literature

Elm Books proudly presents Gen-E Books: Children's books for a diverse America. Help all our children by writing and publishing what they want to read.

We are looking for middle grade and young adult novels (10,000-60,000 words) about kids of color that will grab readers' attentions--mysteries, adventures, humor, suspense, set in the present, near past or near future that reflect the realities and the hopes of life in diverse communities including African American, Latino, Native American, Asian, urban, rural and international. Stories should be aimed at a middle grade audience (2nd to 6th grades) or young adult (7th grade to high school level) and written in clear, straight forward prose. Black and white line illustrations welcome, no color illustrations. No sex, graphic violence, explicit drug use or slavery. No animal stories, fairy tales or graphic novels. Collection to be edited by Lee Mullins and Jess Faraday.

Drop publisher Leila Monaghan a note if interested at Leila.Elmbooks at

Deadline: Ongoing

Payment: Share of royalties

Send: Full outline and first three chapters of novels to publisher Leila Monaghan at Leila.elmbooks at