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Fae Love PB Undeath and the Detective PB Death on a Cold Night PB
Fae Love PB
Our Price: $14.95
Death on a Cold Night PB
Our Price: $14.95
Six Fantastical Tales of Love! M.M. Ardagna and Jess Faraday have edited a wondrous collection of sexy selkies, gorgeous shapeshifters, and mysterious telepaths and their rocky roads to love. All the brilliant magic and wonder of faery tales with the adult passion of modern romance tales. Glittering, sensuous and just what you are looking for.

E-books available for $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon.
Editor Jess Faraday brings you nine spooky mysteries from Helen Angove, Leonhard August, Emily Baird, H. Tucker Cobey, Charlie Cochrane, Lynne Finger, Mark Hague, Gay Toltl Kinman, and Angelia Sparrow. Here you'll find zombies, extraterrestrials, vampires, shape shifters, and more than a few ghosts. Travel from 19th c. England to the present and future, on a package tour led by your favorite Elm Books authors!

E-books available for $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon.
Elm Books first beautiful mystery collection is now in print again! Eight chilly mysteries from a body on a Hollywood movie set to death in Wyoming and burnt remains in a Philadelphia motel. We have detectives young and old and from all backgrounds and walks of life. Includes beautiful illustrations by Virginia Cantarella. Come join us in exploring these wintery deaths!

E-books available for $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon.
Figures on a Beach PB Death and the Detective PB Dark Space
Figures on a Beach PB
Our Price: $14.95
Dark Space
Sale Price: $12.95
2nd Edition of Kirk VanDyke's haunting novel of schizophrenia, discovery, and making do on a Texas beach.

E-books $2.99, available at Amazon.
Eleven thrilling detective stories as diverse as America. We have cops, insurance inspectors and mall cops, dead bodies from dead lovers (straight & gay) to dead pigs, and settings from San Francisco to Massachusetts!

E-books available for $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon.
Remarkable new science fiction collection exploring how future worlds mesh and clash with heroes and heroines with disabilities from a deaf-blind space ship captain to an autistic child being raised by artificial life forms. Come explore alternate universes with us!
Paperback on sale for limited time, only $12.95!
All e-formats available at Amazon and Smashwords. $2.99!
Cover: Death and a Cup of Tea Christmas is for Bad Girls Cover Superbeetle Cover
Death and a Cup of Tea PB
Our Price: $14.95
Superbeetle PB
Our Price: $9.95
Time for the ladies to get some action! Elm Books is proud to present eight stories featuring a wide range of female sleuths. Here you'll find women solving crimes from Philadelphia to the far reaches of the galaxy. Our cups of tea act as delicious civilizing influences and as vehicles for boiling hot revenge with two lumps of sugar. Sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a cuppa with us!

E-books available for $2.99 at
Smashwords and Amazon.
Elm Books presents a full Christmas Stocking of stories for all fans of romance fiction! Find here passionate tales of ice cream, a sexy irreverent starlet, Minnesota mistletoe, larceny and secret identities, and Victorian and Regency Christmases.

E-books available for $2.99
Smashwords and Amazon.
Hong goes to Taiwan with her dad to visit her grandmother. She finds two BIG problems. First, there is an enormous beetle in the bathtub. Second, her grandmother’s noodle shop is being forced to close. What can she do?

Our first Gen-E book,
Superbeetle, is a fast-paced chapter book ideal for children 5 to 10 who want a great story, beautiful black and white illustrations, and a tale that takes an American girl to Taiwan. Fun for all beginning readers!

Get Superbeetle in paperback for only $9.95, or order the E-book on
Amazon for
just $2.99!